Air Cooled Package Heat Pump Simulation Software

Software which designs all unit components : compressor, condenser coil specifications, evaporator coil specifications, expansion valve, discharge size, liquid size, mixture size, suction size with ability for comprehensive performance catalogue with excel file extracting ability, in addition to calculate energy saving and low ambient kit at different conditions with annual running cost.

Air cooled package heat pump simulation software (genius version) is done as complete LAB for technical, research, development (R&D), performance calculation, and design & optimizes selection for main refrigeration circuit components, configuration and specifications. All this by giving the user the opportunity to select all specifications such as:

  • Smart software which guides the designer for best & optimized selection by guiding him through many messages and warnings for selected unit specifications.
  • Compressor optimized selection (power supply, type, brand, models & quantity).
  • Condenser and evaporator optimized configuration and specifications with details.
  • The facility of study and check all variables affect (rows , fins type, fins material, fins number, fins thickness, airflow quantity, coil tube size, tube material, tube type, circuit No., ambient temp., coil area, refrigerant types…etc) and gives very accurate result.
  • All coil calculations are done according to ARI 410 specifications.
  • The possibility of making cooling design and calculations for summer, heat pump design and calculation for winter.
  • All above facility are guiding the designer or user to check all the probabilities and reaching to the best optimization components selection for the unit, by controlling all the variables of the unit components selection.

Amazing Features

Optimized selection of all unit main components. Specify exactly all configurations or specifications of unit components after checking all variables affect to match the designer (user) requirements. Save time & money for assemble many prototypes with many variables for checking and testing to get the result, so this software will show you the affect of all variables on the unit directly only by one keyboard press. Increase your competitiveness by giving you the ability to get the result in very short time, which increase your plant flexibility. Give the consultant and contractor the possibility of checking the unit operation conditions. Designers and engineers can select optimized expansion valve.
Professional report with all required data.
Save performance, customers data and ability for retrieving it. The ability to select evaporator air flow rate, or centrifugal Fan either Comfri or Nicotra.

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