Coil Design Software

Coil Design Software is done for (Designers, consultants, contractors, researchers and developers), it has all the facility required by the user with professional and complete technical report, so we did this software for coil design and performance calculations for many applications, many features are available in this software which not availabl in any other companies software.

Amazing Features

This software gives the user all configurations and specifications for coil design and manufacturing.
User can control and study the effect of all variables which will affect on the coil performance. The ability of selecting relative humidity or wet bulb temperature calculation scenario where applicable. The possibility for entering water flow rate or water in/out temperature where applicable. The ability of selecting suitable fluid (ethylene, propylene or water) with any concentration percentage, where applicable.
All calculations are done according to AHRI 410 specifications.
This software helping the user for all possibilities to obtain his required capacity and all coil specifications. Units SI or Imperial.

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