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AHU Sections Selection, Quotation & Performance Calculation Software

This software built and designed to match all technical support engineers requirements by sections selection to build up the AHU unit exactly as per designer request, in addition calculation of performance for fan, coil, air washer, electric heater, steam humidifier, economizer and heat recovery.

Also, software has many smart features which are not available in many others competitive AHU software such as:

Automatic calculation for performance, weight, price and dimension of unit, once the designer makes any press and these details will be plotted at main screen.

Cooling and heating application performance calculations with full technical report.

Price at different currency with ability to change from currency to another with factors automatically.

Ability to save projects and all tags one by one and ability to arrange them per name or date to help matching requested project easily.

Ability to determine exact sections arrangement by press up arrow or down arrow.

Ability to control raw material price "Copper, Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel or Insulation".

Effective and smart psychometric chart showing all calculation.

Guideline for designer to prevent him making error through built up the unit.

When designer forced to use bigger size unit than biggest one in the list, you can add by entering data through customize and you can continue easily by entering all new structure specifications.

Single and double deck as per designer requirements.

Ability to add extra sections such as Heat pipe, Run Around Coil, Sound Attenuator…etc

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